A failed strategy by a bankrupt Government and a failed system

7 August 2009

The growing ranks of the unemployed are clear testimony to the failure of this Government and its economic strategy. Their only hope is that they can once again get the emigration boats and planes going to disperse the growing surplus population to the four corners of the globe. 
     Unemployment is now at 1995 levels, standing at 423,400 or 12 per cent, an increase of 10,500 over the previous month and 87 per cent over that of July last year. The number is being swelled as unemployment spreads far beyond those employed in the building industry. 
     This Government have no clear strategy for job creation other than some vague talk about a “green economy.” They clearly believe that the people are green and will believe and accept what this Government peddles and spins. The numbers of unemployed will only grow as this Government, like its counterparts throughout the developed capitalist world, have clearly only a strategy for bailing out banks and financial institutions. They are prepared to squander billions to bail out their financial backers in property and construction. 
     It is time for a new direction for our country and our people. It is time to harness the natural resources and the intellectual talents of our people and concentrate capital under our own control and focus on building a sustainable economy for the common good.