Anti-imperialist activism

A core part of the CPI’s ideology and work is promoting solidarity with all peoples struggling for national liberation from colonial and imperialist domination, as well as supporting those nations and peoples struggling to build new societies, to build socialism, in very difficult conditions of global imperial hegemony.   

The CPI has always been an outspoken defender of Irish neutrality. CPI members have played a significant role in Shannonwatch for many years, highlighting the use of the airport as a stop-off point for US drones and war planes committing mass murder in the Middle East and elsewhere.   The “Stop Bray War Show” initiative was started by the CPI in 2018 to discourage people from attending an event that glorifies British army war machines.

The CPI has been active in PANA (Peace and Neutrality Alliance) and CPI members sit on PANA’s steering committee.  It helped organise the First International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases held in Dublin in November 2018.

While the 39th G8 Summit was convened in Lough Erne Resort in June 2013, the CPI organised demonstrations in Belfast and Fermanagh to protest against the imperialist wars waged by the G8 member countries across the globe.

The CPI and Connolly Books have published books on the militarization of Ireland and the foreign policy of the major imperialist powers.  Coalition of the Unwilling by Clare Daly and Mick Wallace was published in 2020.