An absolute betrayal of the aspirations and the sacrifice of 1916

24 April 2011

The statement by the former Minister for Finance that the European Central Bank forced this state down the road to what is now the almost complete servitude of the Irish people to the interests of German and French banks marks a new low in the abysmal failure of the Irish establishment to protect the Irish people. 
     The pattern developing in the European Union is one of the economically powerful centre dominating and exploiting the peripheral countries. This is not accidental but is due to the nature of the EU, in accordance with the treaties governing it, especially the Lisbon Treaty. 
     Politicians, academics and press have unceasingly propagated the myth of a benign European Union. Reality has now caught up with the myth. It is time to cast off the illusions harboured by so many Irish organisations and people. 
     The EU and ECB have imposed draconian policies on our people for generations to come. The politicians are now preparing to sell off valuable national public assets, the property of the Irish people, to pay off a debt that is unpayable, unsustainable, unjust, and undemocratically imposed upon our people. 
     Let the people’s voice be allowed. Let the people decide, if the spineless establishment are unwilling to stand up to the EU and ECB. We demand a referendum. That would be a real, meaningful expression of what the 1916 Easter Rising stood for. Let the people speak.