Resolution of solidarity

8 October 2011

The National Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Ireland, meeting on 8 October, confirmed its solidarity with the people of Greece at this time and in particular with its working class. The Greek working class is in the front line of resistance to the policies of austerity imposed by the alliance of the Greek ruling class with the European Union and IMF. 
     Monopoly capitalism is a system in deep crisis. It is attempting to overcome the crisis with an all-embracing assault on the people, in particular on the hard-won rights and conditions that Greek workers have secured over many decades. 
     The EU and IMF, in co-operation with the ruling classes of the member-states, continue to emphasis that it is not a crisis of the system but rather that the individual countries are separate and are experiencing different crises; yet they are attempting to impose the same solution on all, replicating their polices and strategies throughout the member-states but most intensely in the peripheral countries. 
     We express our solidarity with the Communist Party of Greece and with the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME), which has shown great courage and determination in resisting the onslaught of capital both at the national level and in the political institutions that represent capital at the European level: the European Union, the European Central Bank, and the IMF. 
     The Greek working class needs the active support and solidarity not just of Irish workers but of all workers throughout Europe. Their fight is our fight. The struggle against monopoly capitalism requires closer co-operation and actions of solidarity by the communist parties and other working-class forces to move on from an economic crisis to a political and ideological crisis within the system itself.