Statement by the Communist Party of Greece in relation to the articles by the international media on the murderous attack on the demonstration of PAME

21 October 2011

The people’s and labour movement has the strength to face the provocateur mechanisms of the bourgeois system

The murderous attack unleashed by anarcho-fascist groups against the enormous rally that was organised by the class-oriented trade unions, organised in the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) in opposition to the new anti-people measures of the government, made the news on a global scale. Nevertheless, there were many attempts by the bourgeois media to distort the facts. 
     Indeed in this effort they use as arguments fabrications and lies drawn from the opportunist forces and the Trotskyist web sites. 
     As is well known, on 19 and 20 October hundreds of thousands of workers participated in the big strike mobilisation, in which the class-oriented trade unions of PAME played the leading role, together with other forces of the social alliance (MAS, PASEVE, PASY, and OGE). The success of the first day of the strike and the massive demonstration in the central square of Athens, outside the parliament, where PAME was predominant, sent a strong message to the government, the EU, and capital: No sacrifice for the plutocracy! The workers are not responsible for the capitalist crisis! The fight is for goals of struggle that are connected to contemporary needs, in rupture with the capitalist system, the concentration of forces for the people’s power and economy! 
     The fake incidents, the “hide and seek” with the riot police, the damage to shops and buildings, that small provocateur groups organised could not extinguish the message of the huge popular demonstration of PAME. Certain international media, in an attempt to mislead the workers in their countries, spoke of an attack and an attempt by the demonstrators to occupy the parliament, something that of course had no relation to reality. 
     On the second day the forces of capital sought to suppress the strong political message of the workers. PAME had announced the encirclement of the parliament for the time when the anti-worker measures were to be discussed and voted on by article with a roll-call vote, at the request of the KKE. For this reason they mobilised and unleashed in a planned way organised groups with specific instructions. Anarcho-fascists, who, with Molotov cocktails, stones, and other weapons that are used by the police, such as tear-gas and stun grenades, attempted to disperse the majestic rally of the workers and people in Syntagma and especially the part where PAME was concentrated. 
     The assault took place on the edges of the demonstration and had as a result the injury of eighty PAME demonstrators and the death of a construction worker and PAME trade unionist, Dimítris Kotzarídis. Nevertheless their goal, which was to disperse the rally of PAME, to intimidate and suppress the working class and popular torrent for counter-attack that came onto the streets for the 48-hour general strike, failed! The forces of the protection of the rally successfully repelled the murderous assault! 
     Certain international bourgeois media sought to present these incidents as a conflict between two ideological-political currents inside the people’s movement. This approach has nothing to do with reality, as in Greece it is well known that these groups, which appear under the cover of the colour black, the hood, “anarchism,” are organised and manned by the forces of the bourgeois system and include everything from organised football hooligans, hired thugs from night clubs and members of neo-Nazi organisations to the forces of the security services. 
     There is a lot of evidence from the recent past that shows the relations of these groups with the mechanisms of the system. These are murderous groups that serve the bourgeois system and have no relation to the people’s movement. They are unleashed by the system itself in order to organise provocations (like the burning of the bank on 5 May 2010, where three employees died) and provide a pretext to the security forces for using the equipment they possess in order to disperse the mass people’s demonstrations. 
     Even more dangerous and dirty is the slander that PAME protected the parliament from the protesters, an allegation reproduced by bourgeois and opportunist mass media—domestic and international ones. This dirty allegation seeks to portray PAME as a support of the bourgeois system and the KKE as a “systemic force,” as a party of the bourgeois system. It emanates from those forces that praise the “spontaneous” movement and present it in opposition to the organised class-oriented workers’ movement. 
     It is they who misleadingly identify the revolution and the people’s uprising with the burning of rubbish bins and the breaking of shop windows and not with the organised political struggle of the workers’ movement, which has roots in the factories, in work-places, in people’s neighbourhoods, and will dispute the bourgeois power, leading to a conflict with the imperialist organisations of NATO and the EU, to the establishment of people’s power. 
     The KKE and PAME do not need any “credentials” for their militancy, which the bourgeois media hand over to the hooded provocateurs, to the anarcho-fascist groups. Our history and activity have the appreciation of hundred of thousands of working people who take part in the people’s demonstrations, of millions of workers who appreciate the consistent, unwavering struggle of our party, the firmness of its goals for the overthrow of the capitalist barbarity, and the militancy of its members in the places where they work and live. 
     This slander that PAME allegedly “protected the bourgeois parliament from the rebels” has nothing to do with reality, and moreover it seeks to conceal the truth, namely the fact that PAME managed, thanks to its strong vigilance, to defend the demonstration and prevent the plans for its dissolution. 
     As we say in Greece, “lies have short legs.” On Friday morning hundreds of members of the KKE and numerous forces of the class-oriented movement visited many work-places, informing the working people and preparing new mobilisations This mass political work among the people. which will continue daily, constitutes a decisive response to every kind of anarcho-fascist, to the police informers, to the bourgeois state, to the government and the parties of capital, the opportunist formations.