Solidarity with the Cypriot people

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland 
19 March 2013

In a message of solidarity with the Cypriot people, the general secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland, Eugene McCartan, stated that the Troika’s anti-people measures being imposed upon the people once again expose the true nature of the European Union. It is important that Irish workers’ organisations express their solidarity with the working people of Cyprus and that they are not alone at this critical moment in their history The struggle against the EU is the cause of all working people throughout the EU. 
     There are clear lessons for both the Cypriot and the Irish people. The EU is not an alliance of equals but is a political and economic structure for aiding both manufacturing and financial monopoly corporations. 
     This deal being imposed upon the Cypriot people, like the “Programme for Ireland,” is nothing more than a robbers’ charter: to rob the people, to hand over the people’s wealth to foreign bankers, in particular German finance capital. 
     The people of Ireland, like all the peoples entrapped within the European Union, need to realise that the EU is not in the interests of working people, nor can it be transformed into a more democratic body. It needs to be challenged and defeated. Imperialism does not have friends: it just has interests.