The Labour Party covers itself in shame

29 May 2013

Once again the Labour Party covers itself in shame, said the general secretary of the Commun​ist Party of Ireland, Eugene McCartan, respond​ing to Brendan Howlin’s pushing through of the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Bill (2013) to give him the power to cut workers’ wages, terms and con​ditions, and incre​ment payments. 
     “This is nothing less than a full-scale assault on public-sector workers by their employer, the state, and it will have repercus​sions far beyond public-sector workers. 
     “Workers know from experience that laws are merely congealed politics, and that these measures will be followed up with demands by private employers to extend and expand the scope of this law in all branches of the economy. 
     “The almost complete silence of important sections of the trade union move​ment is appall​ing. They have not moved beyond issuing mealy-mouthed state​ments of condemna​tion. They have failed to mobilise workers in defence of their rights and against these draconian attacks on their rights. 
     “The very fact that this legis​la​tion is being pushed through is reason enough on principle to call for and mobilise for a rejection of the re​heated Croke Park II. 
     “The celebration to mark the 1913 Lock-out by national trade union leaders rings very hollow in the light of recent events. They are still ideo​logi​cally locked in to ‘social partner​ship,’ despite being the only partner on the dance floor: everyone else—government and bosses—has left that particular stage to them.”