Apartment guidelines show a government with no answers

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland 
14 Macrch 2018

The housing guidelines issued today (14 March) show clearly that the establishment are unwilling to solve the housing crisis in a manner that is in the people’s interests. All the solutions promoted are based on the needs and the greed of builders and property speculators, both domestic and foreign. 
     The solutions being put forward by the Government and the state are exacerbating the crisis, fuelling speculation, and raising rents and property prices. 
     The general secretary of the Communist Party, Eugene McCartan, said: “Every revision of the minimum standards merely sets back the building of apartments, as profit-driven developers and speculators go back to the drawing-board to squeeze yet more profit out of each design. 
     “Instead of this profit-driven race to the bottom, cheered on by those who are meant to be regulating the industry, we need a comprehensive scheme of public housing, to provide income-linked rental accommodation to every citizen who wants it.” 
     The Communist Party of Ireland is a member of the Campaign for Public Housing.