The privatisation of refuse collection is a complete failure

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland 
14 March 2018

The Communist Party of Ireland calls for all domestic refuse collection, including recyclable material, to be brought back under public control and the responsibility of local authorities. 
     We condemn the reported decision by Panda, one of the largest waste companies, to begin charging for lifting families’ green bins from 19 April. Experience shows us that this decision by Panda will be quickly followed by the other waste-collection companies, which will in turn lead to additional increases in charges as well as unofficial dumping. 
     The privatisation of refuse collection has been a complete failure and has only resulted in poor services for people, rising costs, and a deterioration in the working conditions of those employed by private refuse companies, while no effort has been made to control corporate waste or excessive and wasteful packaging. 
     There is a complete lack of transparency from these companies regarding their charges. Charges have grown to become a very significant burden on working families throughout the country. The regulator, the Government and the state have all failed to protect the people’s interests and the environment. 
     The demand for greater profits is the primary motivation of these waste companies, not the common good or the environment. We cannot save the environment and at the same time feed corporate greed for greater profits. Put the common good and the environment ahead of corporate profits!