The killing of Lyra McKee

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland 
20 April 2019

The Communist Party of Ireland strongly condemns the killing of Lyra McKee, a young journalist working and living in Derry, on Thursday 18 April. 
      Once again a family has lost a loved one in a needless and senseless act committed by an organisation that has nothing to offer the working people of Derry or the working people of the north of Ireland. In particular, the organisation that admitted having carried out this action has nothing to offer the youth of that city, only further deaths or another generation of wasted youth rotting in prison. 
      We also know from recent history that many of these groups are heavily penetrated by agents of the state. Their actions have been orchestrated and controlled by agents of the state, in the interests of the state. 
      “Saoradh,” and the self-styled “New IRA,” have clearly learnt nothing from history and from the consequences of a failed military strategy of the recent past. Young people need to realise that this is not the way to bring about change or to deal with the many problems that they face. Unless people and organisations learn from history they are doomed to repeat the failed strategies and the mistakes of history.