Communists Celebrate May Day In Belfast

Communist Party members from across the Island gathered in Belfast today for the Annual May Day Parade 2022, We salute workers on all continents – all those whose work continues to drive the gears of life even in difficult conditions and who continue to produce all essential goods. It has been over three years since the Proletariat have been out and there were many welcoming faces to see and catch up on news. One could only agree with the various comments made by speakers from the Platform who all called for Workers who were lionized by the State during the Covid pandemic to be justly rewarded for their endeavors in what are trying times for all our people by the harshness of measures imposed by the British Government. The Communist Party said today that this crisis was not accidental, but a deliberate policy by the Capitalist Class System to have the people pay for the huge money spent on Covid and now the bill for this is arriving daily in the post.