Capitalism & The Environmental Crisis – Speaker John Bellamy Foster

In what was a sixty minute overview of the environmental crisis caused by Capitalism and its relentless greed and overproduction the Monthly Review Editor John Bellamy Foster analysed the existential crisis facing humanity. Mr Foster called for revolutionary change and outlined how activists must play their part in a social transformation to protect the population. He condemned the world’s media in omitting the mains findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Report in early April 2022.

Global Governments are afraid of the mobilisation of people who want and demand change in how society is run, they are afraid of the low-energy solution and the banning of fossil fuels, they are afraid that the public is realising that so-called technological solutions won’t solve the problem; they don’t exist at present and are unviable.

He pointed out how ironic it was that after Engels spoke about the social murder in his famous book The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1845, nearly one hundred and seventy years later we have social murder being facilitated by governments with the disastrous policies they are implementing that exacerbate the catastrophe facing humanity.