Communist Party of Venezuela Open address at XVI Congress

DEepen the line of broad unity to confront the government’s surrenderist POLICY.

Caracas, 10-31-2022 – The XVI National Congress of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) “will deepen the line of broad unity of action of the workers-union and popular movement to confront the aggressions of imperialism and the surrenderist policies of the government elite that, in alliance with capital, develops against our people and in favor of the national and transnational monopoly groups,” said this Monday the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the PCV, Oscar Figuera.

This Thursday, November 3, the highest leadership body of the Venezuelan communists will meet. Figuera extended the invitation to the workers and popular movement to participate in the Act of Public Installation to be held at 3:00 pm in the facilities of the Cantaclaro Theater.

“The whole statutory process has been successfully completed: the Cell Conferences, the Local Conferences and the Regional Conferences; the discussion of the base documents; the election of the effective delegates; the designation of the fraternal delegates”, he said in the usual press conference of the Red Rooster party.

Figuera informed that there will also be a tribute to three distinguished communist leaders in the centenary of their births: Jerónimo Carrera, Emigdio Cañizález Guédez and Trino Meleán.

The prelude to the 16th National Congress of the PCV will be the III International Ideological Seminar “The contemporary ideological struggle and the central vanguard role of the proletariat as a revolutionary subject in capitalism”. The seminar will be held this Wednesday, November 2 at the headquarters of the Central Committee of the PCV and will include presentations by 15 international organizations that will meet in Caracas.

“This is a contribution to the general policy of the international revolutionary movement” organized by the Institute of Higher Studies Bolivar Marx, said Figuera.

Communist Parties send message of solidarity to the Venezuelan working class

A strong expression of solidarity was received by the Venezuelan working class and the PCV at the XXII International Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties (EIPCO) that took place in Havana, Cuba, this weekend.

In this meeting “it was possible to develop different levels of exchange, discussion and even agreements”, detailed Figuera.

“A concrete expression of this effort is an agreement of solidarity with the struggles of the Venezuelan people and with the Communist Party of Venezuela signed by more than 40 organizations from all over the world,” he added.

After reading the declaration signed by more than half of the parties attending the XII EIPCO, the Secretary General of the PCV expressed his gratitude for this statement and pointed out: “we are going to continue fighting, resisting and defeating”.

Irregularities in the border with Guyana and threats against fishermen in Sucre

“We express our concern for what is happening in the south of Bolivar state; small and medium miners denounce their expulsion from the territory where they work, under unclear circumstances and with the presence of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces”, informed Figuera.

“The National Government must inform what is happening; furthermore, there are movements on the border on the side of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana” and “it is important to have an integral context to be alert before situations that may complicate the peace in that zone”, he added.

On the other hand, the PCV expressed its solidarity with the artisan fishing workers in the Arismendi municipality of Sucre state, where protest actions took place recently.

“We want to denounce that this legitimate action of the fishermen of Morro de Puerto Santo is being misrepresented by the Mayor of the Municipality, José Macondo Guerra, who threatens the struggling fishermen,” said the PCV leader.

“We hold the mayor responsible for any situation of repression against the communist militancy or the fishermen involved in the protests”, he added.

Four years since the assassination of Luis Fajardo

This Monday, October 31, marks four years since the vile assassination of communist leader Luis Fajardo, militant of the peasant movement, Agrarian Secretary of the PCV in the state of Merida and member of the Central Committee.

Fajardo was murdered together with peasant activist Javier Aldana when he was returning from a day linked to the organizational processes of more than 300 peasant families who were demanding the National Government and the National Land Institute to hand over the lands of the Fundo Caño Rico in Sur del Lago.

In this crime participated “hired killers connected to landowners, officials and political members of the government party”, explained Figuera.

The PCV sent a message to the Attorney General, Tarek William Saab to demand justice and an end to impunity.

“It is not only the case of Luis Fajardo, there are other cases that we have denounced of communist militants murdered in Aragua, Táchira and Apure”, denounced Figuera.

Elections in Brazil

The PCV welcomed the electoral results in Brazil that gave the victory to Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva. However, the Political Bureau pointed out that “it will be the struggles of the Brazilian people that will be able to definitively determine a revolutionary course for that country.”

“The level of alliances that we know of the government that has just been elected – in themselves – do not guarantee a process of revolutionary transformation. The Brazilian people will be able to count on the support and solidarity of the PCV in these struggles”, he affirmed.

81st anniversary of the birth of the people’s singer

On the 81st anniversary of the birth of Alí Primera “we are sure that today he would be singing to the struggles of the Venezuelan people; that he would be accompanying the struggles of the Venezuelan working class for wages, social rights, collective bargaining agreements; for the right to true sovereignty and against ecocides”, concluded Figuera.