Cost of Living Protests

We are living through a crisis of capitalism, and the government will force the working class to pay for it. Capitalism by its very nature seeks to increase its profitability: that is its raison d’être. It is not an issue of good or bad capitalists: the drive to increase profits will lead them to try to force down wages, increase rents, use more and more non-renewable resources. The drive to increase profits forces capitalism to risk exterminating all life on the planet. This week we have seen how Capitalism really works, When workers in the Tech Industry are turfed out of their work places on the whim of an egotistical owner.  ONLY STRONG TRADE UNIONS CAN PROTECT WORKERS.

While the Government can find the money to bail out bankers and speculators, the main financial backers of the establishment political parties, nothing can be found for special-needs teachers, for the sick, or to repair run-down schools and hospitals. The attacks on workers’ pay, working conditions and pensions is open class struggle by both the employers and the Government against working people.  
The present situation has all the appearances of a criminal conspiracy among the ruling elite to make working people pay for the deepening crisis. Clearly Fianna Fáil and the political and economic establishment believe that the public purse is their own piggy-bank, for them to dip into as often as they see fit.  It was fitting that Communist Activists took part in various Cost Of Living protests across the country.  Leading by example is how we can grow our movement and build a strong people’s resistance.