Message in solidarity with PCV and workers of Venezuela

The Communist Party of Ireland wishes to add its name to the demand for the release of imprisoned workers in Venezuela and to express our solidarity with our fraternal comrades in the Partido Comunista de Venezuela. 

We have always stood in firm support of the people of Venezuela and the principles of the Bolivarian revolution against the aggression of yankee imperialism – being one of the few political forces in Ireland to consistently defend Venezuela – which is why we declare that the rights of workers to organise must be protected in order for the forces of imperialism and capitalism to be defeated. We also recognise the history of political imprisonment in our own country and its use as a means of repression.

The imprisonment of workers for organising only plays into the hands of imperialism and its proxy forces in Venezuela, which have managed to infiltrate sections of the current government and are using anti-communism to suppress the most radical, militant and committed revolutionaries in Venezuela. 

For the defence of socialism and proletarian internationalism we call for the release of:

Johana González 

Aryenis Torrealba 

Alfredo Chirinos 

Marcos Sabariego 

Gil Mujica 

Francia Mata 

Roger González 

Luis Rivas 

Eugenio Montes 

Miguel Álvarez 

Luis Cárdenas 

Eudis Girot