1st International Meeting of Theoretical Publications of Parties and Movements of the Left.

7th February 2023


The Communist Party of Ireland sends revolutionary greetings to the 1st International Meeting of Theoretical Publications of Parties and Movements of the Left. We thank the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba for hosting this meeting in socialist Cuba, which has withstood over 60 years of US imperialist aggression. Unfortunately, we cannot be with you in person; however, we wish the meeting organisers and delegates every success, and we await the results of your deliberations.

The meeting takes place at a very dangerous juncture in world history. US imperialism, in an attempt to maintain its dominant position in the world, is prepared to risk a regional war in Europe and war against the People’s Republic of China (PRC), as it attempts to extend its antidemocratic Monroe Doctrine worldwide. Socialist Cuba understands fully the extent of imperialist aggression and interference in Latin America and worldwide. The world can see the results of the eastward expansion of NATO in Europe in the proxy war between NATO and Russia in Ukraine. As a result of the war, US imperialism has increased its hegemony over EU and nonEU European states. NATO, the vehicle by which the US imposes its domination, has increased its membership in Europe as the US tries to dragoon all states into supporting its proxy war. At the same time, the US has increased its encirclement of the PRC and is actively seeking to bring into existence a worldwide NATO, as it pursues its policy of provoking the PRC. Imperialism threatens the continued existence of human life on the planet by means of war, pollution, and climate change, in its insatiable quest for ever increasing profits.

One of the main tasks for the Communist movement, indeed for the whole of humanity, is the struggle for peace. For over a century our movement has clearly pointed out that waging war is, and remains, a dominant feature of imperialism. It has unleashed two World Wars and countless regional and local wars of aggression. This permanent war strategy of the imperialist forces has caused irreparable damage to the global environment, as well as resulting in the deaths of millions of working people and destruction of indigenous communities.

A united Communist movement is necessary to confront imperialism, overthrow capitalism, and build socialism. We believe this meeting of theoretical publications of parties and movements of the left is an important step in building that unity and in deepening our theoretical understanding of the present situation in which we find ourselves. If we are to successfully confront imperialism each party must examine its own society, making concrete analysis of the real material conditions in their own country, recognising what is specific to each country and general trends common to monopoly capital globally, using the methodology of Marxism-Leninism to assess where it is situated within the imperialist system and which forces it can draw into an anti-imperialist struggle as allies of the working class. In relation to the war in Ukraine, parties hold different views on the nature of the war. Or perhaps it is more correct to state that some parties place emphasis on different aspects of the war; e.g. is it an inter-imperialist war, is it an aggressive imperialist war against Russia, or has it features of both? As we approach the one-year anniversary of the beginning of this war, we will continue to learn and develop our analysis of the geopolitical forces at play and hopefully build a united movement for peace in opposition to this NATO proxy war.

To oppose and confront imperialism, overthrow capitalism, and build socialism, we need a revolutionary theory. Imperialism has increased its anti-communist ideological assault as it seeks to criminalise our history and deny the relevance of Marxism-Leninism. Our theory must be enriched by the experience of real life and the ongoing struggles of the working class. We cannot allow it to ossify. We in the Communist Party of Ireland see in this meeting proof that MarxismLeninism continues to provide the means to analyse society and ultimately bring about successful socialist revolution. Our understanding and application of Marxism-Leninism to the real material conditions in our country has enriched our struggle to end the triple lock (US, EU, and Britain) of imperialist domination over the destiny of our people. It informs our understanding of the importance of the struggle to win and secure a united, sovereign, independent, socialist Ireland.

We wish you every success and look forward to participating in future meetings.

In solidarity,

Jimmy Corcoran

General Secretary