Public Meeting on Good Friday Agreement

At a packed public meeting tonight which discussed the Good Friday Agreement.  A question was poised. With all the back slapping that we have witnessed over the last two weeks in Dublin and Belfast with the so called great and good why was the main actor missing? P O’ Neill. No mentioned of the salient fact that without P O’Neill  there would be no peace agreement.  The sectarian construct still exists in the occupied six counties.  It was stated that as it was a desire over one hundred years ago by James Connolly when he stated that, “The reconquest of Ireland must mean the social as well the political independence of every man, woman and child in Ireland.”

Imperialism by the EU, British and American cronies in our Country must be opposed by all and the people were urge by a member of the public to join the fight for Socialism in becoming a member of the Communist Party of Ireland