May Day Statement:

The Communist Party of Ireland sends revolutionary Mayday greetings to the Irish working
class and to all progressive and anti-imperialist forces at home and abroad.
In particular we express our solidarity with Cuba struggling under decades of illegal
blockade, with Palestinians suffering mass violence and repression and the Sudanese people
once again experiencing US covert actions. We also express our solidarity with the
Communist Party of Venezuela.

As we celebrate International Workers’ Day, on both sides of the British imposed border, the
working class and family farmers continue to bear the cost of the crisis in capitalism
manifested in poverty, precariousness, homelessness, war and environmental catastrophe.

The cost of food, heating, clothing and shelter continues to soar resulting in more and more
families being driven into poverty, with hunger once again becoming a reality for an
increasing number. The commodification of housing has increased homelessness and the Irish
government response has been to lift the ban on evictions, thus increasing the pressure on
already struggling tenants.

The Communist Party of Ireland salutes those workers in the 6 counties who have been and
who continue to fight for higher wages against the British government. The working class
cannot depend on the largesse of employers or the capitalist state to improve their standard of
living. Their struggle shows once again that it is only by organising together in trade unions
that the collective strength of our class can be utilised to blunt the capitalist assault and
advance our class interests.

The ongoing NATO proxy war in Ukraine has been accompanied by increased pressure from
Imperialism and the Irish ruling class to abandon what remains of Irish neutrality and drag
the 26 counties into NATO so that Irish troops can join in the oppression of those who might
dare seek an economic path outside the control of Imperialism. The Communist Party of
Ireland calls on all progressive and democratic forces to rally to defend Irish neutrality and
work for the attainment of a United, Independent and Neutral Irish state, no part of which will
be used by NATO or EU forces.

In its relentless quest for profits Imperialism has brought humanity to the edge of extinction.
The Earth is heating at an increasing rate as a result of capitalist production. The charade of
“green, ethical capitalism” has been exposed as the energy companies continue to open up
new oil and gas fields even as their already massive profits grow even larger. Capitalist
exploitation of nature is the cause of the environmental crisis, its eradication is the solution.
Socialism offers the only possibility of continued human existence on the planet.