The Communist Party of Ireland sent the following message of solidarity and congratulation to the Communist Party of Greece. 

The Communist Party of Ireland, CPI, extends its congratulations to the KKE and to its members and cadres for increasing its vote in the General Election. 

The strengthening of the political influence of the KKE is proof that political advance can be made on a revolutionary platform and that there is an alternative to the reformism of social democracy which urges left wing forces to be practical and accept the limits laid down by capitalism.

The Communist Party of Ireland shares with the KKE a common understanding of the imperialist nature of the EU. At present in the Republic of Ireland, the government parties, under pressure from Imperialism, seek to abandon Irish neutrality and join NATO. 

Unfortunately, the ideological collapse of a former supporter of Irish neutrality has led them into supporting continued Irish membership of the EU, its military structures and membership of NATO.

The Communist Party of Ireland agrees with the analysis of the KKE on the need for steadfast resistance to imperialism and capitalism and to those reformist forces who believe they can manage capitalism and make it more “equitable”. 

Your uncompromising opposition to capitalism and reformism is the correct road to advance the cause of the working class, the cause of socialism.