The Death of Comrade Noel Martin.

The Communist Party of Ireland expresses it’s solidarity and deepest sympathy to the family and friends of our comrade Noel Martin who passed away Thursday, 15th June.

Noel had been a member of the CPI since the mid 1970’s. He served our party at many different levels from local branch to the National Executive Committee up until our last national congress.

Noel was always a grass roots community and trade union activist. He was involved in the Ballymun Regeneration project. As a bus mechanic he was very active in the AGEMO trade union.

A strong supporter of the Cuban people and the Cuban Revolution, Noel will be greatly missed by all his comrades. We salute his memory and acknowledge his contribution to the cause of socialism in Ireland – to the struggle for national and class unity. Noel was a true and loyal son of the Irish working class.

I measc laochra na n-oibrithe go raibh sé