Statement: Solidarity with the PCV

The CPI extends its solidarity to our fraternal comrades in the Partido Comunista de Venezuela and condemns the actions of the PSUV government. The PCV – the oldest political party in Venezuela – continues to stand with the people of Venezuela against imperialist interference, but also against those who do not stand within the principles of Bolivarianismo.

The PSUV government is following a strategy of using legalistic attacks against the PCV, attempting to usurp the official structure, ideology, strategy, and leadership of the PCV as decided by its own members.

They have used state media, as well as former disgruntled members, to assist them in this strategy. The only ones to benefit from this are the Venezuelan capitalists and their masters in the empire to the north. Certainly not the masses of Venezuela, certainly not the activists of the PCV, whose members have also lost their lives in the people’s struggles against capital in recent years.

We can learn from history that no revolution advances on the basis of anti-Communism. Neither do revolutions advance by putting the costs of the imperialist-imposed crisis on the backs of the revolutionary people, while negotiating with the reactionary opposition. We support the PCV in its struggle. Only with a strong Communist Party can any revolution succeed in Venezuela.


– International Committee, CPI International Newsletter, Vol. 1 2023