Once again the people of Dublin turned out in their thousands to show solidarity with the people of Palestine, both in Gaza and the West Bank.

The crowds lining O’Connell St showed their solidarity with both the marchers as well as Palestine.

When the solidarity march arrived at the Dáil there was a mass “die in” to highlight the thousands of Palestinians murdered by the Zionist Israeli occupation army.

The crowds showed there disgust at the vote in the UN Security Council that took place on the evening of Friday 8th Dec.

Once again USA imperialism showed its true colours and vetoed the demand for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The British abstained, only too conscious of the vast amount of Middle East money sloshing around the City of London.

The Palestinians are not just struggling against the zionist occupation but also against imperialism in the Middle East.

One of the slogans which is a true reflection of the support of the people across the world is “in our millions in our billions we are all Palestinians” whilst the western imperial powers, USA, Britain, Germany and EU, continue to support the genocide being carried out by the Zionist apartheid state of Israel against the Palestinian people.

We need to be demanding the closure of Shannon Airport to USA/NATO military forces.

The Irish government should recognise the state of Palestine.