DCAR condemn Governments disregard for Homeless crisis as first death of the year occurs.

The ‘crocodile tears’ of the far-right are dismissed as dishonest and opportunist

First and foremost, Dublin Communities Against Racism (DCAR) wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the homeless person found dead today in Dublin City Centre. This is sadly the first homeless death of the year. Figures for last year have not been finalised but at least 30 deaths were recorded in the early part of 2023. Despite the plummeting temperatures, and even with severe weather warnings in place, adequate emergency measures have not been introduced, and it is a certainty that this will lead to further fatalities.

Commenting on the long term homeless situation, Padraig Drummond of Streetlink Homeless Support, and DCAR spokesperson, said today :

“Back in 2015 several homeless charities sought for the state to declare a national homeless and housing crisis. The national homeless statistics then stood at 3,081 individuals who were homeless and living in state provided emergency accommodation. Those figures included 1,054 children. Today homeless figures stand at a staggering 13,514 individuals, this includes 4,105 children. That’s an overall increase in homelessness of 338% in 9 years; and a 289% increase in child homelessness.

At the same time as the homelessness crisis deepens the Irish far-right are actively targeting accommodation centres and scapegoating Immigrants for the long standing failure of the Irish Government. These actions have led directly to the burning of homeless accommodation in Ringsend and will ultimately prevent the delivery of other essential facilities. The Irish far-right have never cared about the homeless. They are happy to shed crocodile tears now to pitch the idea that immigrants and Irish homeless have competing interests, but ultimately all responsibility must be brought to bear on the Government and parties responsible.