Palestine- Public Protest Outside US Embassy-Dublin And Israeli Embassy.

Activists from the Dublin Branch of the Communist Party of Ireland and a large crowd of concerned citizens and Activists from Dublin involved in others Political groups turned up outside the US Embassy tonight to show their utter disgust at the Irish Political establishment’s compliance and acting as lackey’s on behalf of the US State and is fascist ally Israel. The crocodile tears from the US Vice-President and her boss Joe Biden fools no one here in Ireland or elsewhere. It was stated clearly that the tens of thousands of deaths would have been prevented if the US had the moral courage to say no the Israeli business class within the USA. A call was also made for the immediate release of the Irish citizen Zac Hania who has been in prison for no reason.

Despite the murdered Palestinians now numbering in the tens of thousands since October 7th, there has never been a safe time to be Palestinian. The fascist settler movement continued to colonise areas of the West Bank, moving closer to Gaza itself, and Palestinian areas in Jerusalem, including religious sites such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Tens of thousands of Palestinians languished in Israeli prisons. Children were regularly being murdered by the Israeli military in Gaza. The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank was, and is, acting as a security force for the Israelis. The 2021 Great March of Return was met by massacres. Journalists were, and are, routinely murdered.

Later Activists went and protested out the Fascist Israeli Embassy