EU & Local Government Elections on June 7th

The EU and Local Government elections take place against the ongoing crisis of capitalism and the increasing preparations by NATO to unleash a direct war against Russia and the People’s Republic of China. As part of these war preparations, the Irish establishment – both political and media – are attempting to remove the triple lock on the deployment of Irish troops abroad so that the sons and daughters of the Irish working class can be sent to kill and die to preserve the hegemony of US led imperialism.

The Communist Party of Ireland calls for the maximum vote for progressive candidates in both elections. We call on the people to vote against the three government parties and the various parties and individuals of the far-right, who are trying to divide the working class and limit our ability to campaign for progressive changes within society.

In the EU elections, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace are the only Irish MEPs who have consistently opposed the increased militarisation of the EU, highlighted continuing attempts by the Irish government to undermine neutrality, and have campaigned for an independent Palestinian state since they were elected to the EU Parliament.

Clare and Mick have been recognised worldwide for campaigning for a fairer and more just international order, which has seen them trespass the de facto NATO military base in Shannon to highlight its use in the transit of troops and weapons in the US forever wars, including the present genocide in Palestine. They have also opposed and challenged the pro-Israeli policies of the EU Commission.

The Irish and the EU establishment both want to defeat these candidates. The British Sunday Times, the Irish establishment mass media, and a number of opportunist candidates are busy trying to unseat both Clare and Mick because, if re-elected, they will continue to make life uncomfortable for the ruling political class The Irish state and political establishment, the EU and Israel would welcome their defeat.

In Dublin, we urge you to vote No.1 for Clare Daly, and in Ireland South, No.1 for Mick Wallace and continue your preference for other progressive candidates.

In the Local Government elections, it is important to maximise the vote against the government coalition parties and the far-right. Vote for the most progressive candidates standing in your area. Do not let those who seek to divide us win. They are acting in the interests of the minority ruling class alone.

Look beyond the hatred of those “patriots” acting for the capitalist class. Vote for those with a track record of supporting working class communities and standing up to the powerful.