Wednesday 12th April @ 5pm
GPO, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

To protest US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ireland, political parties, solidarity organisations,
students and anti-war activists will gather at the GPO at 5pm on Wednesday 12th April to
highlight the dangerous and destructive nature of US militarism for people and the planet.
In response to its declining economic dominance, Biden is strengthening US imperialism’s
military presence around the globe. In Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, the US seeks to
confront its main economic and political rivals; most notably through a proxy war with Russia in
Ukraine, and increased tensions with China. Aside from killing, maiming and destruction, the
business of war is a key driver of climate change, pushing us ever closer to environmental
Twenty years ago Biden was one of the main drivers of the war on Iraq. As chair of the
powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he and George W. Bush persuaded the public to
back the war. Biden holds responsibility for the thousands of deaths and for devastation of Iraq
and the surrounding region since the invasion. Today US imperialism continues its
warmongering in the Middle East; most recently through providing bombers and weaponry to
the Saudi Arabian dictatorship as it continues a brutal war against the people of Yemen.
In Latin America, US-backed coups and attempted-coups continue, as do inhumane US-led
blockades and sanctions. These have resulted in the immiseration of millions of working class
people; in particular in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.
Biden’s visit cannot be separated from successive Irish governments’ undermining of our
neutrality. They aim to draw closer to NATO and already have full-on involvement with EU
military operations. They seek to get rid of Ireland’s neutrality, despite the fact that the
majority of Irish people are in favour of keeping it. Meanwhile, US troops, weapons and
military vehicles continue to pass through Shannon Airport on a regular basis, en route to
raining death and destruction upon the peoples of the world.
The US is the world’s most consistent political and financial backer of the Israeli
Apartheid regime and occupation of Palestine. This has not changed under Biden. From
bombing Gaza, to illegal settlements, to mass incarceration of political and child prisoners, to
murderous invasions of Palestinian cities, Biden has defended Israel to the hilt, including at the

UN Security Council. Biden is a self-proclaimed Zionist, and has pushed throughout his political
career for unconditional US support for the Apartheid state. It is beyond hypocritical for Biden to
come to Ireland to discuss peace while ensuring the Israeli war machine is free to continue the
ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
For these reasons and more, we ask you to join us to say that warmonger and
Imperialist-in-Chief Biden is not welcome in Ireland!
Supporting Organisations
Irish Anti-War Movement
Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Cuba Solidarity Forum
Students for Change
People Before Profit
Communist Party of Ireland
Connolly Youth Movement

The event is finished.


12 Apr 2023


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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