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Recent Election in the Six Counties

The context within which any electoral or social struggles takes place is critical to an understanding of how the working class understands how or where change can be secured. The ongoing struggle between Irish democratic forces and forces wedded to imperialism is the basic context in which the elections must […]


Statement on Stormont Return

The decision of the DUP to return to Stormont has been greeted as a victory for democracy by the Irish and British governments as well as the main political parties within the 6 counties. Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill will become First Minister, the first non- unionist to head a devolved […]


Solidarity with President Michael D. Higgins

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland, 17 September 2021 The decision by the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, not to attend the religious service in Armagh in October to mark the establishment of “Northern Ireland” was the correct one. And he has clearly set down the reason why […]