Words mean what I want them to mean, says the EU elite

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland 
12 October 2012

The announcement that the European Union has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace brings the absurd to a new level. 
     This political institution has already removed two democratically elected governments, in Italy and Greece, and behaves as a colonial overlord in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Ireland. 
     The EU is imposing unbelievable pain and suffering on working people, on the poor, the sick and pensioners in our country as well as on millions of people and families throughout the EU, condemning tens of millions to mass unemployment and poverty. It is forcing the Irish people to pay an unbearable and unpayable odious debt that is not our responsibility; it receives a “peace prize” while waging war on the poor in the interests of the monopolies. 
     The EU imposes unfair trading relations, in the form of its “European partnership agreements,” on countries of the Third World, contributing to the deepening of poverty in those countries. 
     The history of imperialism is steeped in blood, but in Europe this aggression was kept in check by the Soviet Union. Member-states of the EU since its inception have waged wars of aggression around the globe in their efforts to hold on to their crumbling empires. The EU directly intervened in Yugoslavia in 1992, sparking savage multiple civil wars in that country. 
     Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union is as contemptible as giving it to Henry Kissinger in 1973 while he was overseeing the secret blanket bombing of Laos and Cambodia and the fascist coup in Chile. 
     This is some sick joke on the part of the European elite.