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Statement on Dublin Riots

First and foremost, the Communist Party of Ireland extends our deepest sympathies and well wishes to all the victims and their families of the horrendous stabbing and the subsequent violence in Dublin on 23rd November, and in the strongest possible terms, denounces the riots on the city centre’s streets later […]


Dublin Communities Against Racism Statement

(DCAR) is a network of community activists from working class neighborhoods in Dublin and beyond who work to build unity and solidarity. We share the widespread shock at the horrific knife attack on innocent school children and their teachers outside Gaelscoil Colaiste Muire on Parnell Square. Our thoughts are with […]


National Demonstration: Freedom & Justice For Palestine.

Today Saturday 18th November. Activists within the Communist Party Of Ireland stood shoulder to shoulder with our comrades in Palestine and the ten of thousands of Irish Citizens in Dublin who in solidarity marched in the National Demonstration for Freedom & Justice for Palestine. In what was the biggest march […]


Protests in Shannon Airport-Sunday 12th Nov

Well over three hundred people from all across Ireland gathered in Shannon Airport on Sunday 11th as well a sizeable contingent from the Communist Party Of Ireland to support the monthly Shannonwatch vigil. Veteran peace activist Edward Horgan a former captain in the Irish Defence Forces introduced peace activists who […]


Israeli aggression in Palestine

Yet again thousands of people took part in a demonstration in Dublin today ( Saturday 4th) Comrades from the Dublin branch were represented: We re-print the statement from the Party recently issued. The Communist Party of Ireland condemns the Israeli state’s murder of hundreds of Palestinian people in the bombing […]


Neutrality: Protest at the Department of Foreign Affairs

Yesterdat Tuesday saw a well attended lunchtime protest take place at the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) called the protest and invited other progressive organisations to take part. The meeting was attended by various organisations and activists concerned with the continued attempts by the Irish […]