Neutrality: Protest at the Department of Foreign Affairs

Yesterdat Tuesday saw a well attended lunchtime protest take place at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Communist Party of Ireland (CPI) called the protest and invited other progressive organisations to take part.

The meeting was attended by various organisations and activists concerned with the continued attempts by the Irish government to diminish our neutral status.

The CPI handed in a letter of protest to the Department of Foreign Affairs condemning last week’s escalation of Irish state policy that will see Ireland actively involve itself in the Ukraine-Russian conflict by agreeing to train Ukraine military personnel.

The letter was read out at the protest and later handed in to the office of Minster of Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin. Roger Cole from Peace and Neutrality Alliance – PANA also addressed the gathering.

This decision is a grave infringement of neutrality and must be resisted.

The Irish government needs to call for de-escalation regarding this senseless war, rather than its continued strategy of escalation and deeper engagement.

The vast majority of Irish people have clearly stated support for neutrality and the demand for a ceasefire through peaceful negotiations in the Ukraine war.