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Show of Solidarity with Cuba candlelit protest

There is a show of solidarity candlelit protest at The Spire next Thursday 11th November at 6pm. All are welcome please join us and show your support against the counter-revolutionaries’ (paid U.S. mercenaries) threat to cause chaos and destruction on the island of Cuba in the coming week, and to […]


Solidarity action at the Cuban embassy in Dublin

A solidarity action in support of the Cuban people was held outside the Cuban embassy on Westland Square on July 14. Dozens of activists from across the country made their way to Dublin on very short notice to express their steadfast support for the Cuban Revolution. Chants of “Unblock Cuba!” […]


Statement of solidarity with Socialist Cuba

The Communist Party of Ireland expresses its unbreakable solidarity with Revolutionary Cuba, with the Cuban people and the Communist Party of Cuba. The Biden government is continuing with its illegal blockade of Cuba. It has further strengthened the blockade at a time when the Cuban people are fighting a pandemic […]


The working class of Cuba defends their revolution

Right across Cuba, the working class answered the call issued by the Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, to take to the streets to defend and show their support for the revolution. The call was made in response to a demonstration held in Havana by a group of counter-revolutionaries, well known […]


Cuba needs your solidarity now – TAKE ACTION TODAY

A new manoeuvre against Cuba is being prepared in the European Parliament. This week (Tuesday, June 8) in the European Parliament, a small group of right-wing MEPs will be promoting a draft resolution that aims to condemn Cuba with false accusations of repression of its artistic movement. None of these […]


Solidarity with Cuba

On Sunday 30 May demonstrators at the US embassy in Dublin demanded the end of the illegal blockade of Cuba. The demonstra­tion was organised by Cubans in Ireland and friends of the solidarity movement.


Message of solidarity to the Communist Party of Cuba

The Communist Party of Ireland has sent the following letter of solidarity to the Communist Party of Cuba on the occasion of their 8th Congress. Communist Party of Cuba Havana 8th Congress of CPC Dear comrades, On behalf of the Communist Party of Ireland I wish to offer warmest greetings […]