Author: jamescallaghan


On recent racist attacks in Belfast

17 June 2009 The Communist Party of Ireland totally condemns the racist attacks that have resulted in a hundred Romanian people being made homeless. Speaking in Belfast, Lynda Walker, national chairperson of the CPI, said: “We welcome the help and support that community organisations and the Belfast Trades Council have […]


An exposure of class prejudice

21 May 2009 The publication of the long-awaited report of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, concerning the abuse suffered by children and young people at the hands of religious orders detained in residential institutions, has exposed as never before the deep class hatred for working people and the […]


Dracula budget sucks blood from workers

7 April 2009 The budget presented by the Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan, is a Dracula budget, designed to suck the blood from workers so as to give a transfusion to bankers, stockbrokers, tax-avoiders, and property speculators. These parasites will all sleep well and will be celebrating the fact that […]