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Ráiteas polaitiúl

D’eisigh Coiste Feidhmiúcháin Náisiúnta an CPI Following its most recent meeting, the National Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Ireland, is calling upon the trade union movement and progressive forces to demand that the Government break with the failed approach of allowing the EU Commission to control vaccination strategy […]


Gan bean amháin eile

With International Working Women’s Day celebrations barely ended many people will have spent the morning watching the disgusting displays of police brutality captured at a vigil for Sarah Everard held in Clapham last night. This footage shows women who gathered to mourn and grieve being kettled, attacked and violently arrested […]

Tuairisc Bháis

Mel Corry

1964–2021 Ba cheardchumannaí ar feadh a shaoil é Mel Corry, a fuair bás ar 13 Eanáir. Ba bhall é d’Fhóram Poblachtach Sóisialach Pheadair Uí Dhónaill agus iarbhall de Choiste Feidhmiúcháin Náisiúnta an CPI. B’as an Lorgain dó, agus chaith sé seal mar oibrí i dtionscal na dteicstílí. Ón mbliain 2008 […]


An arrogant and out-of-touch Government whose only strategy is to bully and terrorise the people and if that fails, make them vote again

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland17 May 2012 How can anyone take seriously this government’s campaign and what it says about the Permanent Austerity Treaty?      The minister for finance, Noonan, dismisses the impact of what is happening in Greece and the deepening crisis that the people of that beleaguered country […]


Waiting for orders from Berlin

10 May 2012 The suspension of the German government’s ratification of the permanent austerity treaty and the ESM treaty must send a strong warning signal to the Irish people that these two treaties pose a serious threat to their livelihood and to what little remains of their democracy and sovereignty.      There […]


The peoples of the EU are demanding change

8 May 2012 The election results from France and Greece clearly indicate that the peoples throughout the European Union are demanding change, demanding a new direction from their governments. Endless open-ended austerity has been rejected.      The euphoria surrounding the election of Hollande in France is misplaced and will be short-lived. While […]