Solidarity with Sabina Coyne Higgins

Communist Party of Ireland

6th August 2022

Solidarity with Sabina Coyne Higgins

The Communist Party of Ireland expresses its solidarity with Sabina Coyne Higgins for having the courage to speak regarding the critical situation in Ukraine.

    This is a critical period, when so much effort is being made to silence all and every voice for peace, not just here in Ireland but throughout Europe.

    Her principled stand in raising her voice is in marked contrast to the snivelling and shoneen role of the Irish political, military and media establishment.

    What is needed to end NATO’s proxy war with Russia is a de-escalation strategy, to demand a ceasefire and peace negotiations.

    The strategy and actions of the ruling elite is the exact opposite of what is required and can only prolong the violence and suffering of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples.

    We applaud the courageous stand taken by Sabina Higgins in her letter of 26 July to the national media. Millions of peace activists and peace organisations share similar views and understanding in relation to the war and the great suffering of the Ukrainian people and the loss of life on both sides.

    As in all wars, it is working people, the poor, the aged, women and children who bear a disproportionate share of casualties. Those most vocal in promoting and encouraging war rarely end up on the front line and rarely suffer any consequences for their actions.

    The reactions of the political, media and military establishment to her call for a ceasefire and peace negotiations were inevitable and entirely predictable. Many of the same individuals, political parties and media took the same hostile view of the efforts made to end the decades-long conflict in the Six Counties.

    It is not the first time and hopefully not the last that both Sabina Coyne Higgins and the President have taken a courageous stand on a wide range of issues, and suffered the wrath of these same forces. As in the past, her opinions are much more in tune with the feelings of the people of Ireland.

    All peace forces must step up their struggle to have neutrality enshrined in the Constitution of Ireland.

    The immediate struggle must be to defend the “ triple lock” on Irish defence forces involvement in military conflicts. This is now the clear target of the political and military establishment in this state.

    Despite decades of snide attacks and the undermining of neutrality by the establishment, neutrality is still cherished by our people. Neutrality does not mean doing nothing: it means being active in the struggle for global peace, being engaged to help resolve regional or global conflicts.

    Judging by the reaction of what would appear to be a majority of the political parties in Dáil Éireann, peace forces have an uphill struggle ahead in relation to this matter.

    The President’s partner has challenged the establishment consensus, and once again for this we should all be grateful. Every voice raised for peace can only bring the senseless war to a speedy end.