Victory for the Trinity College Students

Students of Trinity College ended their encampment on the college grounds today, the mass, radical, direct action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. This encampment, which started last Friday, had clear demands for the College to take institutional responsibility, divest from Israeli companies, end academic ties with Israeli institutions, and support Palestinian students and scholars. College accepted all demands.

The action of Trinity students was well organised, well targeted, and showed good understanding of the operations of capitalist university institutions. It built upon continuous organising work of the student union and the BDS Society, as well as strong support and solidarity from other groups in Dublin and across Ireland. The students were supported by all trade unions organising College staff, an important milestone in Student Union organisers hard work in establishing solidarity between students and staff. In the light of potential industrial action coming later this year, acts of solidarity and victories in collective bargaining like this one become even more important.

The success of Trinity College students action reflects mature understanding of institutional complicity with imperialism and colonialism, capitalist interests, and the power of institutions. Furthermore, it reflects the power of collectives, broad front united by joint struggle and clear understanding of it. The victory of the encampment is giving inspiration and practical ideas to organisations and institutions in Ireland and the world on the path towards full boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS). It is a part of the global struggle against imperialism, militarism and war, for a free world and a free Palestine in it.