Cur i gcoinne ballraíocht Éireannach an Aontais Eorpaigh

The CPI is among the few political forces in Ireland that has been consistent in its opposition to Irish membership of the EU and its predecessors since the accession of the Irish state and the UK to the Common Market in 1973.

The CPI has actively opposed all the major integration treaties since the Irish state joined the EEC. The CPI called for a No vote in both Lisbon Treaty referendum campaigns and in the Fiscal Compact (Permanent Austerity) Treaty referendum of 2012. 

The CPI emphasised the imperialist nature of the EU and its key role in transferring massive amounts of wealth from the working class of Ireland to Irish and European corporate shareholders, banks and financial speculators. It popularised the slogan “Austerity Is Working!”, particularly during the referendum campaign of 2012.  The CPI worked closely with the People’s Movement in each of the referendum campaigns.

We continue to defend Irish neutrality. We have opposed the dismantling of the Irish state’s neutrality by the establishment, in collusion with the EU. The CPI has campaigned against PESCO and other aspects of the EU’s evolving military strategy.

The Socialist Voice regularly features articles pointing to the irreformable nature of the EU and the necessity of breaking with the EU to restore democratic control and popular sovereignty. 

The CPI supported the call of the British Lexit Campaign for a Leave vote in the UK’s referendum on EU membership in 2016.  The CPI continues to work to mobilise the Irish people to break the “triple lock” of American, British and EU imperialism.