Anti-imperialist salutations!

30 December 2008

The Communist Party of Ireland sends New Year greetings to fraternal communist and workers’ parties. To the people of Cuba, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of your Revolution, we express our solidarity with your struggle to break the illegal US imperialist blockade. We are certain that all peace-loving and progressive people around the world share our enthusiasm for the achievements of the Cuban people and your struggle to build a new society. 
     To workers and peasants and all progressive forces throughout Latin America, now in the front line of the struggle against imperialism: you have shown great determination and are an example to other progressive forces around the world of the importance of unity and the united action of the masses. 
     We express our solidarity with the Palestinian people, now suffering from sustained attacks by the Israeli occupation army. The heroic Palestinian people, despite decades of mass repression, bombings, summary killings and torture by the Israeli occupation army, remain unbowed and unbroken. 
     At the very successful Tenth International Meeting in Brazil of communist and workers’ parties the Communist Party of Ireland welcomed the opportunity to meet representatives of other communist parties, to share experiences, to develop united action, and to examine the political changes that are taking place in the world today. We congratulate all those parties that contributed to the organising of the meeting. 
     Once again, comrades, let us celebrate our achievements and go forward to consolidate our strengths and build the necessary unity in the new struggle to defend workers’ rights and social advances from the continuing and growing attacks by monopoly capitalism. 

Eugene McCartan 
General secretary 

Lynda Walker 
National chairperson