The Irish establishment are collaborators in NATO military strategies

The continuing psychological warfare for shaping and manipulating the people regarding Ukraine and a potential Russian invasion continues to heighten public anxiety, thereby facilitating NATO in building up its military forces inside Ukraine and in other states bordering Russia as part of its “enhanced forward presence.”

The Irish media, taking their lead from a craven and subservient political and military establishment, regurgitate unquestioningly all press statements and “informed” opinion from various western intelligence agencies and their closet agents.

There is a furore over the Russian naval exercises to take place 250 km off the Irish coast, which are being depicted as an infringement of Irish neutrality, while NATO naval exercises, held most recently in 2020 and 2021, have been carried out much closer to the Irish coast. Those exercises went unquestioned and unchallenged and were not seen as a violation of the neutrality that the Irish state claims to follow nor as a threat to the security of the Irish people. 

It was under this false flag of supposed neutrality that secured the Irish state a seat on the UN Security Council.

The Irish state and its political and military establishment have no qualms about allowing the US and NATO military to use Shannon Airport as they wage wars and the attempted overthrow of governments in the Middle East and beyond resulting in the deaths of millions of people. The Irish establishment must be held responsible, through its collaboration with US and NATO war strategies and military actions, for mass graves of women, men and children throughout the Middle East.

It is clear that it is not the actions of Russia that are threatening world peace, with the potential huge loss of life and environmental destruction if war is allowed to happen, but rather the aggressive military build-up by NATO as well as the military strategy of the EU under its PESCO strategy. The actions of the NATO alliance is to undermine the 2015 Minsk Peace agreement which called for the removal of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Ukraine.

Western imperialism, and that of the United States in particular, is in terminal economic decline. The only strategy that it has is to manufacture threats or possible threats and to promote wars, both large and small, to further heighten global military tension and to encourage local and regional conflicts to shore up its increasing economic and political weakness.

Democratic opinion needs to step up its actions in defence of peace and against NATO and the involvement of the Irish state in NATO actions and military strategies.

  • Irish military personnel should be withdrawn from NATO headquarters. 
  • That Shannon Airport should be closed to all US and NATO military flights.
  • The Irish military should be withdrawn from all collaboration with French colonial adventures in Africa.
  • The military neutrality of this state must be enshrined in the Constitution, a neutrality that prevents the use of any part of Ireland, including its territorial waters and airspace, being used by US, EU or NATO forces.