On recent racist attacks in Belfast

17 June 2009

The Communist Party of Ireland totally condemns the racist attacks that have resulted in a hundred Romanian people being made homeless. Speaking in Belfast, Lynda Walker, national chairperson of the CPI, said: “We welcome the help and support that community organisations and the Belfast Trades Council have given to the people. The CPI also welcomes the comments of the various politicians who have condemned the attacks. 
     “We note with interest that Mr Jeffrey Donaldson MLA said that help will be given to rehouse the people. He also said that if they want to return to their own country they will be given help to do this. Whilst it is understandable that some may want to return ‘home,’ this is not a solution to the problem, and runs the risk of fulfilling the racists’ agenda.” 
     The attackers, described as a “small, unrepresentative group of thugs,” are recognisable, and the communities that they come from know who they are. They must be dealt with immediately, therefore, by the PSNI. In the long run, however, racism is an ideology that must be fought against by everyone in the community.