Pat Cox is not an outsider: he is central to the establishment

21 August 2009

The Communist Party of Ireland today called on Pat Cox to come clean on his relationship with powerful corporate interests on whose behalf he lobbies at the EU level. It is farcical that he continues to present himself as an outsider and above the fray, as some objective voice in relation to EU matters in general and in particular to the debate on the Lisbon Treaty. 
     It is clear to any objective observer that Pat Cox is not outside the establishment but in fact is part and parcel of it and that his interests lie with corporate Europe—the driving force behind the drafting of the Lisbon Treaty. With his red and yellow cards he wants to be both a referee and a player at the same time. He will decide who is telling the truth. This is an Alice in Wonderland type argument: that the contents of the treaty are what he wants them to be. 
     It is clear that the Yes side will discuss everything but the content of the treaty itself.