Statement by the Department of International Relations of the Communist Party of Cuba

3 June 2010

It is with deep concern that the Communist Party of Cuba has been following the development of the acute economic crisis in Europe, the performance of their governments, and the continuous mobilisations and strikes of rejection that have taken place in that continent. 
     We see that the political, economic and social situation is very complex, with a trend to become more acute, on the basis of the implementation of the adjustment packages imposed by the international financial markets and the main centres of economic power on both side of the Atlantic to put the burden of the impact of the crisis on the workers’ shoulders, thus protecting the interests of the banking and financial sectors which brought it about and, far from eradicating its cause, tend to worsen its consequences. 
     We reiterate once again that the present economic and financial crisis is an expression of the acute crisis affecting the capitalist system, whose irresponsible policy, based on an unsustainable consumption model, is risking the very existence of the human race on the planet. 
     The Communist Party of Cuba reaffirms its full solidarity and support to the peoples, parties and political movements which resist this new imperialist offensive. We reaffirm that the peoples should not give up in their determination to demand that the only and true responsible for the crisis are the ones who have to pay for it, and to fight for building a political alternative that guarantees justice and equality for all. 
     As Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro said in one of its reflections, “the present crisis and the brutal measures . . . will also bring to the people more knowledge, more awareness, more rebelliousness and more revolutions.”