Violent assault on student protest

3 November 2010

The Communist Party of Ireland congratulates the students of Ireland who marched in their thousands, coming from all over the country, to protest against the expected rise in registration fees for third-level colleges in the forthcoming budget. 
     The party condemns the violence perpetrated by the forces of the state, the use of mounted police and the riot squad to attack the militant but peaceful mobilisation of thousands of students. It is clear that this government, the European Union and international bankers will brook no protests or resistance against the measures that they are imposing upon the Irish people. 
     This violence from the state must be met with renewed mobilisations, not just of students but workers, social-welfare recipients, family businesses, the self-employed—of all working people, whose living standards are under attack in the state’s attempt to save the ultra-rich from the consequences of their actions. It is incumbent on the ICTU to make sure that its demonstration on 27 November matches the same determination and mobilisation that Irish students have shown today. 
     The selfish hitch-hiking politics and tactics of the ultra-left can only damage the legitimate protests of the students and needs to be condemned by all those who wish to see mass mobilisation of people developing across the country. Their adventurism provides the excuse, if excuse is needed, for the state to increase repression and allow the establishment media to attack and attempt to marginalise every protest by the people.