Anti-communism step-by-step

Statement by the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

The present Czech right-wing government coalition is continuously increasing the pressure on the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia. Demands have been heard all around—from individual senators, members of parliament, and members of the government—to suspend the activities of the party or, even better, to ban the party itself. 
     The attempts by some these individuals have been long-term ones, but there has not been any reason to attach any greater importance to them so far, although a Senate special commission was formed that prepared a bill proposing to suspend the CPBM’s work. Even a part of the Czech right wing has disapproved of this aim in the past. 
     However, the situation has now changed. First time since 1989 these questions have begun to be placed on the agenda of the Czech government, and some its members dwell on them quite seriously. 
     From a right-wing point of view, it seems to be logical in the context of the steps being taken by the government, with the social impact of these steps on the budget of most Czech households being devastating. The government acts thoughtlessly and autocratically, from a position of strength, without hesitating to bend the laws for purposes of its own, as it did, for example, in the case of the Czech Parliament’s rules of procedure. When promoting social cuts at the end of last year, the government got around the newly elected Senate, after loosing its majority there after the autumn election. 
     It has made vigorous cuts in the social sphere, gradually implementing a whole range of further steps to restrict the value of work and to axe employee and social rights. The salary of every public servant has been significantly cut. Taxes are to be increased in an absolutely unprecedented way to make possible a pension reform, which only people of the highest income and private pension funds will benefit from, at the expense of the majority. Tenants’ rights have been reduced, and rents have already been hugely increased, beyond the resources of many families at present. 
     Most people are becoming aware of the only aim of all these steps worsening their living conditions: to favour even more a small group of the wealthiest. In addition to this, the Czech government has been permanently tossed by corruption affairs as well as by mutual competition for greater power and influence. 
     That is why the government has been promoting red herrings to keep disgruntled citizens busy. Among others, there are is a series of steps aimed de facto against the Communist Party, to frighten both the party members and the electorate. These include, for example, the so-called Third Resistance Act, which makes opponents of the previous socialist regime equal to war veterans and to fighters against fascism and that glorifies even criminals who committed murders of civilians and robberies. Not only the CPBM but also many well-known former dissidents disagree about this law. It is already at issue in the Chamber of Deputies. 
     Meanwhile another measure being considered by the government is to cut the incomes of former CPBM officials, and the funds so obtained should be used to increase the pensions of members of the so-called Third Resistance. 
     The government’s latest step to be presented is creating within the Ministry of the Interior a special panel for collecting documents making it possible to bring an action for dissolving the CPBM to the Supreme Administrative Court. 
     It is possible that the government will in fact not decide to suspend or to dissolve the CPBM’s work; however, our party must be ready for it. If necessary, the CPBM will defend itself by all means available, using internal and foreign court instances. We also count on supporting petition actions. The law is all on our side; our party committed no act against the Constitution. These attacks against the CPBM have been waged only because the right-wing government fears the strengthening of the left’s influence. 
     Therefore, we approach you by asking for solidarity and support. We will need it especially in the event of not gaining the law in our very difficult internal conditions and to be forced to carry our quarrel onto the international level.