A bankrupt system politically and economically

20 April 2011

Once again Colm McCarthy has delivered what the Irish establishment and their EU and IMF masters desired. The proposal to sell off large sections of valuable state companies and assets is yet another example of how bankrupt the political and economic establishment has become and how their system has degenerated. 
     Companies such as CIE, RTE, An Post, An Bord Gáis, the ESB, Coillte, Bord na Móna, the Irish Aviation Authority and ports have been built up over decades from the taxes of working people. 
     They have contributed to providing stable employment and have helped develop the skill base and the intellectual level of the country. They are essential to building and sustaining any future economic development. Private Irish capital and transnational corporate capital have failed to develop a sustainable economy. 
     It is clear that the Irish establishment will do anything and sell everything to save themselves and their cronies. The vultures of venture capitalism will quickly gather to asset-strip and pick the bones of what is left of the Irish economy, while tens of thousands of our citizens will scatter across the world looking for the means to feed their families. 
     What is needed is a radical departure in political and economic policies from what is on offer by all the parties represented in the Dáil. The system cannot be mended but needs to replaced with a strategy aimed at building an economy for the common good.