Build the people’s resistance!

13 July 2011

As the people of Co. Roscommon protest at the closure of the Accident and Emergency Unit at their local hospital it is clear that this will be only the first of many such closures, as the Government and all the establishment parties have given priority to the payment of an unpayable and odious debt before the people’s needs and the interests of our country as a whole. 
     The downgrading by Moody’s of Irish bonds to junk status only confirms what the CPI has been saying from the very beginning of this crisis: that this is a no-hope strategy by a politically and economically bankrupt Irish establishment—an establishment devoid of any independent thinking and action, prepared to sacrifice our people’s needs and interests to those of the European Union and the IMF. 
     The euro as the currency of seventeen member-states is simply unsustainable. Every effort to find a solution to one problem gives rise to new and even more difficult ones. There is simply no solution to be found in the existing system as it attempts to solve its contradictions at the expense of the people. 
     The anarchy of capitalism cannot be overcome by the wholesale destruction of the living standards and hard-won gains of working people in the peripheral countries. Now the so-called “contagion” is spreading to one of the states at the very heart of the European Union: Italy. 
     This crisis can be overcome only by a fundamental change in the economic, political and social structure of Irish society, by radical changes that are centred on the needs of the people and the environment.