No relief for working people in new EU deal

22 July 2011

The heads of state and heads of government of the seventeen member-states of the euro zone have once again concluded that the failed policies being imposed on the Irish and Greek peoples must be maintained and even pursued with greater vigour. The EU will now send in “advisers” to directly monitor and supervise the Greek government’s implementation of savage cuts in public spending. 
     It is clear that the Irish Government has been hiding behind the Greek Government’s deepening problems and has been attempting to piggyback on its crisis. It has been the resistance of the Greek workers that has impeded every effort by the Greek Government to impose the policies of the EU. 
     Any short-term relief the Irish Government might claim has been gained by the actions of Greek workers and not by their own efforts. This is also true of the Irish trade union movement, which has failed to take a stand. How much more could be achieved if we had clear, organised resistance here in Ireland, and throughout the EU! 
     The Irish Government claims as a victory a small reduction in interest rates and a possible restructuring and extension of the debt repayment schedule; but this in reality is being led by the creditors so as to ensure payment. They know there is only so much capital that can be sucked from workers in Ireland, and they know they cannot push it too far, otherwise they might provoke a resistance akin to that of Greece. 
     What is clear is that this agreement is not a solution to the unpayable and odious debt imposed upon the Irish people. It can only bring a moment’s respite to the crisis, not a solution. There will be no relief from the continuing savage cuts in health, education, and social welfare. Repudiation is the only way forward for the Irish people, but it will not be delivered by the establishment parties. 
     Only resistance can deliver results in favour of working people.