Who runs Ireland?

17 November 2011

The revelation that documents relating to the forthcoming budget were found today (17 November) in the German Bundestag, with German politicians poring over their contents, while neither Dáil Éireann nor, most importantly, the Irish people have seen or read what is in store for them, is almost beyond belief. 
     The opinions of the Irish people count for little, for it is now clear that what Germany wants, Merkel gets, and the Irish people will pay the price. It seems clear that Enda Kenny delivered these documents by hand on his recent visit to Berlin. 
     Working people and their families are being made to pay for a debt that is not theirs, but they are also now paying with democracy being shredded to keep German and French banks afloat. 
     Democracy is now in grave danger, with events in Greece, Italy and now Ireland exposing the real power at the heart of the European Union. We have seen two virtual coups d’état, in Greece and Italy, and the removal of two complete governments, to be replaced in Italy by a government made up of “technocrats,” representatives only of business, and in Greece by a government not elected by the people. 
     Democracy is being set aside in the interests and for the needs of European monopoly big-business interests. The will and opinions of the peoples within the European Union are now being pushed aside, and great dangers now face all democrats.