Solidarity with the Syrian people’s right to peace, justice, and social progress

31 March 2012

The Communist Party of Ireland condemns the imperialist intervention in Syria, disguised as humanitarian concern, which threatens the country with a disastrous civil war, and threatens the peace of the entire region. 
     The imperialist powers, in alliance with the king of Saudi Arabia, the emirs of the Gulf states, and the Turkish government, seeking to suffocate the striving of the Arab peoples for progress and justice, succeeded in overthrowing the government in Libya, using their vastly superior air power, with the aid of a motley crew of renegades, opportunists, and Islamic fundamentalists. The press, of course, represented their predatory action as a humanitarian intervention. 
     The same coalition is attempting to remove the government of Syria, with classic effrontery claiming to act in the name of democracy, and to replace it with a more obedient regime. They have armed and supplied a similarly motivated collection of forces, dominated by Islamic fundamentalists, with a total disregard for the consequences for the Syrian people of unleashing a civil war in their country. 
     Those who originally protested for civil rights and democratic change are completely sidelined, as the Islamists and the imperialists equally regard them as people of no importance, except for propaganda purposes. 
     The machinations of the United States, Britain and France, in alliance with the despotic mediaeval regimes of the Arabian peninsula and the Zionist state of Israel, are presented in a democratic disguise. They are in fact the greatest obstacle to a peaceful and just solution to the crisis in Syria. 
     The CPI calls on all democrats to oppose the malign foreign interference in Syria, to reject its “humanitarian” pretence, and to express their solidarity with those who are working for the Syrian people’s right to peace, justice, and social progress.