Demand the release of 79-year-old anti-war activist!

15 January 2014

The Communist Party of Ireland condemns the arrest of the Galway peace activist Margaretta D’Arcy, who was arrested today and brought to Limerick Prison to serve a three-month sentence. Ms D’Arcy suffers from Parkinson’s disease and is also being treated for cancer. 
      She refused to sign an undertaking that she would keep away from unauthorised zones at Shannon Airport, as a result of which her three-month suspended sentence has been activated. 
      Margaretta D’Arcy and Niall Farrell were sentenced in Ennis District Court in December 2013. Each received a three-month prison sentence, suspended on condition that they enter into a bond to uphold the law for two years and stay out of unauthorised zones at Shannon Airport. 
      Shannon Airport is a major hub for US warplanes on their way to sow death and destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. It is also a transit point for aircraft carrying US military drones, and it is believed that victims of “extraordinary rendition” were transported through the airport. 
      The Communist Party of Ireland demands her immediate release. It also calls on peace and democratic forces around the world to write to the Irish Government demanding her release. 
      Alan Shatter, Minister for Justice: 
       Send messages of support to Galway Alliance Against War: