The demonising of water protests

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland 
17 November 2014

The Communist Party of Ireland condemns the role of the corporate media and the state-controlled RTE in their coverage of what were minor events in Tallaght and elsewhere and their over-the-top reaction. These are attempts to demonise the campaign against water charges. 
      The mass media, together with establishment politicians, are trying to determine what are acceptable ways to protest. Once again the Government is attempting to apply the carrot-and-stick approach in its continuing efforts to break the coalition of those opposed to water charges—to demonise some and hope to frighten others. 
      Eugene McCartan, on behalf of the CPI, pointed out that hundreds if not thousands of protests have taken place up and down the country in opposition to water charges. The overwhelming majority of these have been carried out in a dignified and peaceful way. He pointed out that no campaign can control the actions of individuals. 
      The CPI re-emphasises its call for people not to be intimidated by this barrage of hypocritical condemnation by the establishment but to continue with peaceful, dignified but militant protests against these charges. Working people need to be mindful of the Government’s strategy and the absolute necessity of maintaining the unity of all who are opposed to these charges.